Python Journey Part 1

In my MA program, we used SAS to do statistics. I had two classes in SAS, but I have not touched it since. I had the worst trouble getting the free version to work on my PC, but now they have changed it and it’s all available on the cloud. I am using it now to get back into it slowly.

First, however, I am concentrating on Python, as it seems to be software that more companies use. This makes sense, as Python is free, and a lot of businesses don’t want to necessarily shell out thousands for SAS (I think someone said the base version is $16k?) So, I begin my journey into Python. I will post my progress here and include any projects I do, just in case it is helpful for anyone else to learn in some small way as I go along the process.

I am starting with this free course on Udemy

The Three Musketeers, in the Desert with Guns: Examining Three Kings as a Direct Adaptation of Gunga Din

This essay examines film adaptation and argues that the 2000 film, Three Kings acts as an indirect adaptation to the 1939 film, Gunga Din. It looks at the similarities of each film, the differences, and it looks to answer the basic question- what counts as an “adaptation?”

This was part of my B.A. in Film program at Western Kentucky University. This essay was chosen by a peer-reviewed, undergrad film journal to be run as a feature. I declined the offer in order to submit it to be officially peer-reviewed and included in a general at a later date.

Self Reflexive Postmodern Horror Cinema: Examining Scream 1 and 2, Popcorn, and Demons as the Ultimate in Meta Movies

This essay was written as part of a Film Genre class that was part of my B.A. in Film program at Western Kentucky University. In it, I discuss the idea of a meta-movie, where the action (and sometimes the characters themselves) know about the basic tropes and themes of the movie they are currently in.

These self-reflexive films take the themes of their genre (in this case, the horror movie genre) and play into these aspects, giving a subtle wink to the audience that we all know this is a movie and we are running with it.

Meaningful Reform or Wasted Effort: The Effect of Taxes on Cigarette Consumption 1985-1995

This essay, written as part of an Applied Statistics class, uses public data and basic statistical methods to see if there was an effect on the number of people (especially young people) who smoked when local governments and states decided to raise taxes on tobacco products in order to decrease the number of users. This essay looks at the data to see if the efforts were a success or a wasted effort.



Open Borders? A Speculative Economic Essay

I wrote this paper for my senior thesis as part of my B.A. in Economics at Western Kentucky University (WKU) in Bowling Green, KY. The paper was penned in 2014. It uses data to support a government policy of open borders, or, at minimum, borders that are much more open now than they have been in the past 80 years or so.